Where are the classes?

Piano lessons are taught at the teacher’s home in the district of Argüelles, with all the facilities available: acoustic piano, digital keyboard and audio recording programs.

What kind of music do we teach?

We will focus on the music you like the most, whether it’s classical music (we are professional graduates from the Conservatory), or different musical genres (bolero, tango, jazz and much more).

If you like movies and want to learn how to play your favorite soundtracks, we'd love to help you get it. We will also help you to learn to take different melodies and improvise on known topics by ear, giving a practical approach and a sequencing of contents with progressive difficulty that will make you learn very quickly and with a solid foundation.

sheet music and piano video tutorials

Scores and video tutorials

Inside the website you can find a section Scores, where we show some examples of musical arrangements that we make for students, as well as tutorials from minor to most difficult we make for classes. These scores and tutorials are very useful for students who can only take piano lessons in Madrid from time to time, or do not live in Spain, and are customized for each person according to their musical interests.

works with us in piano lessons

Work with us

If you have an advanced level and desire to play in public, we always need musicians for the different events that we hold in Spain, you can see examples of concerts in our Blog.


In our channel Youtube you can see some examples of concerts, events and musical performances of well-known pieces that we will be updating and expanding.

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