Piano lessons in Dénia

piano denia classes

Although we live in Madrid most of the year, we spend some seasons in Dénia and we have fixed students as well as concerts at the Marriott La Sellahotel.

Classes are suitable for children and adults, and at all levels.
We adapt from the first moment to the person, so the classes with each student are different considering their musical tastes as well as their musical background.

Children’s classes: Children’s classes are based on the child’s active participation in order to encourage their expressiveness and spontaneity.

Youth classes: These classes are aimed at both students who are in the conservatory (who need reinforcement for exams or entrance tests), as well as students who start making music on the piano.

Classes for adults: These classes are adapted to start even if nothing is known about music. The music that is used to listening to the student and that arouses the most interest will be worked, and gradually the difficulty of the pieces will be raised.

Whether it’s the first time you’ve approached music or you’ve already learned music at some point in your life, we help you move forward and most importantly enjoy making music.

We have been teaching students from the area and from different parts of Madrid and Déniafor several years, and you can read their comments about the classes on google maps