Tutorials to learn piano

If where you live you can’t access a piano school or a particular teacher, learning piano with tutorials may be helpful.

In my opinion a tutorial or a video appears where a pianist appears performing a piece comes well as a complement to personal study or school classes. They will never be able to replace the teacher’s live corrections, or by feeling within a group such as in group classes or at a school.

However, for those who want to use them as a study tool we will emphasize a few things:

– It is advisable touse tutorials suitable for our level: If you have just started playing, you can start with tutorials on simple melodies where the score appears either in dynamic or in pdf and the hands of the teacher touching. Thus, you are not only learning to locate the notes on the piano on paper but also visually. If your level is more advanced you can use tutorials where the teacher plays with both hands (at first it is advisable to play only chords with the left hand).

-You can learn from many teachers and pianists: The good thing about the internet and youtube is that you can learn from many teachers and listen to the pieces performed by prestigious musicians. Ask your teacher what are the best recordings about the pieces you study or about the songs you want to learn, and then you can search for adapted versions of pianists.

You can watch very interesting videos on different topics of music theory and harmony: There are many youtube channels about music education, such as the Jaime
channel, where you can learn about chords, creation of soundtracks, composition, etc. These videos won’t teach you how to play the piano, but you’ll be curious to research and better understand many musical concepts.